assalamu'alaikum to my dear followers n brothers,sister.. :)
how are you in the present..?
i hope u r in the pink of health :) insyaAllah.
anyway, today is already the 11th of syaaban 4321 H.
since now is syaaban already, i believe there is a need for me to remind everyone who has been following my posts/ at least has stumbled into my blog accidentally :)

yes, i admit that i am too, not a good Muslim yet.
my time is still wasted for things which if i consider, does not help even a little in the upbringing of the ummah and in uplifting of my imaan.
ya ASDIQA' !
what have we done through rajab n a few days in syaaban ea..?
are we aware that within these three months, Allah has prepared lots of boons for us, His servants..?
do we know that we have a mountain of sins that we havent even ponder on..?
masha Allah...the sins..the distraction we have towards the dunya..
i really hope that for the upcoming days, we could at least increase our 'ibada bit by bit..
bear in mind of all the maghfirah that Allah will grant us if we sincerely devote ourselves towards Him..?
i have to remind myself to, since i too, am not a good servant towards Him..
if only i could attain the jannah and obtain His forgiveness especially during the ramadhan..
o Allah...