Assalamu'alaikum to all brothers and sisters.. may all of u in da pink of health and olweyz in his rahmah. sorry for  not updating my blog.. my exam is just around the corner. And its started since last thursday.  Please pray for me.. :-) and wish u all will pass with flying colours too!! all da best and bittaufiq wan najah.. 

Effort + Du’a + Tawakal = Success… Insha’ALLAH.

Tawakkal a'lallah is the BEST solution after all the non-stop effort. 
Allah says:
  •  “Whoever trusts in Allāh (Tawakkal A’lallāh), He is sufficient for him” (At-Talāq, 65:3)
  • “Say: Nothing will happen to us except what Allāh has decreed for us: He is our Protector: And on Allāh let the believers put their trust.” (At-Tawbah, 9:51)
  •  “And put they trust on the exalted in Might, the Merciful.”  (Ash-Shuara, 26:217)
  •  “…Then when thou hast taken a decision put they trust in Allāh. For Allāh loves those who put their trust (in Him)” (Al-‘Imran, 3:159)
  •  “If Allāh helps you, none can overcome you: If He forsakes you, who is there after that, which can help you? In Allāh then, let the Believers put their trust.”(Al-‘Imran, 3: 160)