June 19 2011 - Father's Day in the United States. (In fact, everyday is a Father's Day because fathers never stop being fathers, even when the holiday is over!!! (^_^)

June 26 2011 - my Father's Befday.

Hence, in order to express my appreciation and gratitude, I dedicate this to da greatest fathers in the world.. SHAHADAN B. HJ ABDULLAH.. So to every father in the world, this is my honest prayer for you. :)

Ya Allah,
Bless my father for being my secure foundation,
for leading me through rough times to peaceful,
for making me believe that everything will be fine,
and for making it so

Bless him for the time he has spent,
for his kids and family,
for his effort to share and listen,
for always be there whenever needed

Bless my father,
for saving some energy for fun,
for making I laugh,
for being my playmate,
and for being my friend

Bless him for being my protector,
for holding me tight
until it’s time to let me go

Please bless my father,
he means so much to me,
as he is responsible for whom I am
and who I am becoming

Ya Allah,
bless this special man,
my inspiration,
my hero,
my father

Ya Allah,
I beg You to forgive my father for his mistakes
and grant him a place in jannah

Thank you,
for caring and listening,
for giving and sharing,
I miss you, indeed. :)